Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jeff's New Review System

I don't like five star, out of 10, or any numerical type review. Even if it gives a rating on specific features of a book, it leaves something to be desired. In my experience a book either has something or it doesn't. I wouldn't give a book with a plot I didn't enjoy a 2/5 stars for plot, I would just state that I didn't like the plot.

That being said, I feel like I need some sort of system for my reviews so that books can be compared on some level. So the following is a system of awards I created which I will include, along with an explanation, with each book review that I do. This will not include reviews that are submitted by readers or other bloggers (unless of course you want to; I ask only that you credit me). Please comment and let me know if I should add any awards, you think I missed something important, or anything you want to say about them. The first review using this system will be posted tomorrow (I am finishing up Teri Hall's The Line (which I am also giving away; don't forget to enter!)

Positive Awards

The Page Turner - I couldn’t put it down; give me more please!

Emotionally Evocative - I cried, I laughed, I loved you, I hated you. My male brain can’t handle all these emotions, I’m going to explode!

Explorer of The Deep - Whoa! Don’t come up too fast, you’ll get The Bends!

World Builder - Can I move there? No? Okay, well then at least write another book.

Plot Weaver - Holy Cow! I Didn’t see that coming!

Originality - Okay maybe the Simpsons did it, but you did it better!

The Rubber Chicken - If writing doesn’t work out for you, maybe try stand up.

Seal of Approval - Go buy this book... now. Seriously, what are you waiting for!

Negative Awards

No Diving - Don’t break your neck on the shallow characters

Couch Potato - Lazy Plot

Yawn - Boring

The Hulk Smash - You made Jeff angry, you won’t like it when he's angry!

Don’t Read - Don’t waste your money on this one

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