Monday, March 8, 2010

Who Likes Free Books?!

Yesterday I announced that the Debut Authors Blog would be having it’s first book giveaway. Well, I have good news. I am not giving away 1 novel now, there are 2 books being given away! The first book is Kimberly Blackadar’s Nothing but Trouble After Midnight the review of which I will be posting tomorrow. The second novel is the newly released The Line by Teri Hall, which is en-route to my favorite Indy bookstore as we speak.

The Rules
To enter one must “join the site” via Google Friend-Connect in the right side-bar.
The contest will remain open until there are 51 people as members of The Debut Authors Blog.
Every person that is “a member” will automatically get +1 entry (If you were a member before today you get another +1)
If the contest information is twittered or retweeted +2 entries
If person subscribes to the RSS feed for the blog +2
If a person subscribes to the Calendar Feed +2
Friend The Debut Authors Blog on Facebook +2
Become a fan of the Debut Authors Blog on Facebook +3
Signs up for The Debut Authors Blog monthly newsletter +3
Mention this giveaway in a blogpost +3
Link to the contest in your sidebar +3
Add The Debut Authors Blog to your blog roll +4
Submit a debut novel to the Debut Calendar (one that isn’t already on there) +5
Write and submit a review for a novel that fits the criteria for the Debut Authors Blog (does not need to be accepted for publication here, just submitted) +10(per review)
In order to get credit for all or any of these entries a person must leave a comment on this post noting all extra points with links for proof and note what name they are following under.
Provide me with some means of contact, email me if you are more comfortable (still must post tally in the comments)
Entries will cap at 50 per person and must be totaled in the comments (unless you were a member before today then you are capped at 51).
I will pick a winner sometime after we get 51 members of the site.
Each entry will be written onto a slip of paper, thrown into a large bowl, and the winner picked via video feed on the blog.
Have fun and spread the word!

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