Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Book Review of Dan Wells' I am not a Serial Killer

John Wayne Cleaver is not your average teenager. He grew up working in a morgue, is obsessed with serial killers, is a clinical sociopath, and adheres to a strict set of personally imposed rules meant to keep him from becoming a serial killer. Dan Wells kicks off this fast pace novel by opening at the scene of a bizarre homicide. John surmises that this could be the work of a serial killer, here is his own quiet town!

Wells had me enthralled and the blurb on the front, “unputdownable” holds true for the first third of the novel. Until we find out who the “serial Killer” really is. I don’t want to give away the twist, but suffice to say, you won’t see it coming. I’m a fan of plot twists but this novels reads like a “Dexter Morgan” type story a only to take a jump off the deep end into the super natural.

The book remains immensely entertaining and Wells’ writing is superb. His dark comedic voice won’t have you rolling on the floor, but you will love John Wayne Cleaver’s unique perspective on life. The problem lies with the transition to the supernatural. You will be left saying, “WTF mate?” still, Wells is an author to keep an eye on and I will be purchasing the next two books in this series.

Keep an eye out for the I am not a Serial Killer contest coming your way later today!

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